Love is an emotional and psychological reaction that encounters two different positive and negative senses. The origin of love can be a simple affection or a deep feeling. Love encompasses a wide range of relationships, such as the love between human and human, the love of an animal or plant, or of another human being with a strong emotional attachment.
communicating with people throughout their lives, and the most prominent themes are creative arts. Artistic, literary work throughout human history has always been derived from a sense of love that expresses two inseparable parts. That is to say, art and love are always together, and this deep dependence on the works of great artists is remarkable, the source of which is the experience of love in real life. Like Van Gogh who says that there is nothing more real than love for people. Maybe because the artwork is crystallized and born of love.
The relationship between art and its creator has also been in question for centuries. What if Dali didn’t meet Gala, would his art be the same? And what if Gala didn’t leave her child and husband to become a life-long muse?
Sometimes love is stronger than art, but sometimes art prevails – like when Paul Gaugin left his family to live and paint in Tahiti.

In keeping with the common concepts between art and love, festival del cinema povero organize an International Poster Design Festival ( Poster povero)

All Visual Artists and Graphic Designers are invited to Designed posters with the theme: Love in Art, given the historical background of the influence of love in art. Our goal is to show how Poster Design is created with the approach of love in Art and their impact on people’s lives. We want to show the world the power of love in the arts
The artists are free to design the poster as well as provide a visual concept from a creative perspective.

All entries must be submitted as digital files

Size: 700px x 1000px (Vertical), RGB, 150 dpi, JPG, 10Mb(Maximum)
Poster name: Name- surname- country
-Please send a short biography and Email address to email:
-The number of entries submitted by each participant is 3 poster.
– Participation is free.

First Prize: Golden Medal
Second Prize: Silver Medal
Third Prize: Bronze Medal

Deadline:۱ November 2020
Exhibition: December
Due to the coronavirus epidemic situation, the organizers may make a new decision about the date of the exhibition